The final edition of Saved by Sugar

 Saved by Sugar - My Road To Recovery
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After five years and six different publications, this is the newest and final edition. And with it, I respectfully kiss Saved by Sugar goodbye ♡

My journey has ended, as I am now fully recovered from my eating disorder.

But my story remains.

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weight gain | acne | hair loss


Pictures from before, during and after my recovery (clickable)

During my journey, I gained a ton of weight, broke out in the worst acne I've ever had, and so much of my hair fell out. But my story isn't about the superficial things, even if that's what you see. Just as my weight, skin, and hair went to shit when I got sick, it got effortlessly better when I got truly well and healed my

histamine sensitivity | intestinal worms | eating disorder | self-hate

My eating disorder what was finally made me want to get well back in October 2013, after 10 years of secretly and silently suffering. But what I encountered on my way to restored health, wellness, and happiness was both far more and worse than I could've imagined.

I got sicker than ever, both physically and mentally, during the five years my recovery lasted. My life crashed and burned around me. I took wrong turn after wrong turn and ended up in dark places I didn't even knew existed, but I still found my way home - to health, to myself, to life, to love ♡

And now I'm telling the whole story, beginning to end, the only way I know how - authentically.

This is the book I needed to find, but never did. So I wrote it, not only to share the long journey home and find closure, but with the hopes that you beautiful humans who need it just the way I once did, will find it and see that you're not alone, and that recovery is SO possible!

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Thank you for letting me share my story with you.
All my love, 
x Tina